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Managing Screen Time for Kids {Episode 110}

We live in a wonderful yet terrifying age of ubiquitous digital screens! As hard as social media, internet usage and gaming can be for competent adults to manage, these tools are even more difficult to for our children’s underdeveloped brains to use wisely. In this episode, Audrey and Bonnie talk about some of the dangersContinue reading “Managing Screen Time for Kids {Episode 110}”

Teenagers: How not to hate these years! (Episode 109}

Teenage years!  Something to really dread, right?  Bonnie and Audrey think otherwise, and in this episode, they share all their experience and tips for the teenage years.  We talk about looking at the past, present, and future during the teenage years (and before!)  And then we share our favorite things about parenting teens. Mentioned inContinue reading “Teenagers: How not to hate these years! (Episode 109}”

Overcoming Obstacles to Getting Dressed as a Mom {Episode 108}

Most people might have a hard time understanding just how difficult it can be to get dressed and look cute every day as a stay-at-home mom! The obstacles seem insurmountable: an everchanging body, lack of time and money for clothes shopping, not knowing what flatters our bodies and making time every day to get dressed,Continue reading “Overcoming Obstacles to Getting Dressed as a Mom {Episode 108}”

How to put any baby to sleep {Episode 106}

Do you have a baby keeping you up at night?  Just wishing you could get your rest too?  This episode is for you!  Bonnie and Audrey of Outnumbered the Podcast share their methods for nap and bed times.  They talk about how to get more sleep-resistant babies and children calmed down and sleeping.  And finallyContinue reading “How to put any baby to sleep {Episode 106}”

Helping Kids with Reading: 7 Different Ways {Episode 105}

If you’re helping your child learn how to read, this episode is for you!  In this episode, Bonnie & Audrey share a gold mine of information on how to help the 7 different types of learners learn to read.  We discuss our experiences with each type of learner, and share what resources we use andContinue reading “Helping Kids with Reading: 7 Different Ways {Episode 105}”

Finding Your Passion Project {Episode 104}

We mothers are inherent creators and when we don’t have a project to fulfill our need to create something, it can be a struggle to find motivation for much else! Our families can take up a lot of our time and energy but that doesn’t mean we should sacrifice everything for our children and spouse.Continue reading “Finding Your Passion Project {Episode 104}”

Ebb & Flow {Episode 103}

In Episode 103 of Outnumbered the Podcast, at the end of 2020, we’re thinking about the ebb and flow of it. Things that ebbed (didn’t turn out like we thought/hoped/planned) and things that flowed (went according to plan/smoothly/moved forward.)  We not only reflect back on 2020 and the lessons we learned from it, but we lookContinue reading “Ebb & Flow {Episode 103}”

Planning & Scheduling for the New Year: All Our Favorite Tools! {Episode 102}

Planning and scheduling for business and pleasure is one of our favorite things to do! Despite the train wreck of 2020, we’re maintining hope and excitement for good things to come in 2021. In this episode, we’re chatting about the benefits of various planning and scheduling resources including paper planners, chalk and whiteboards, phone calendars,Continue reading “Planning & Scheduling for the New Year: All Our Favorite Tools! {Episode 102}”

How YOU Find Joy in the Chaos of Motherhood {Episode 100!}

We’re thrilled to be offering you all our 100th episode of Outnumbered! We love doing this show so much and have loved getting to know so many of you over the past (almost) 2 years of podcasting. This special episode is where we share some incredible listener submissions about how ordinary moms like you findContinue reading “How YOU Find Joy in the Chaos of Motherhood {Episode 100!}”

Healthy Breakfast Ideas {Episode 98}

Making healthy food for kids is HARD no matter what the time of day, but coming up with nutritious, kid-friendly breakfast ideas is one of the most difficult tasks of motherhood! In this episode, we’ll share all our tips for prepping and serving healthy, nutrient-dense, low-sugar foods that kids will actually eat. We hope youContinue reading “Healthy Breakfast Ideas {Episode 98}”