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Managing Screen Time for Kids {Episode 110}

We live in a wonderful yet terrifying age of ubiquitous digital screens! As hard as social media, internet usage and gaming can be for competent adults to manage, these tools are even more difficult to for our children’s underdeveloped brains to use wisely. In this episode, Audrey and Bonnie talk about some of the dangersContinue reading “Managing Screen Time for Kids {Episode 110}”

Helping Kids with Reading: 7 Different Ways {Episode 105}

If you’re helping your child learn how to read, this episode is for you!  In this episode, Bonnie & Audrey share a gold mine of information on how to help the 7 different types of learners learn to read.  We discuss our experiences with each type of learner, and share what resources we use andContinue reading “Helping Kids with Reading: 7 Different Ways {Episode 105}”

Helping Kids with Math: 7 different ways {Episode 97}

Don’t be intimidated about helping your kids learn math!  In this episode, we make it easy by breaking down math into 7 different learning styles.  For each of the 7 styles, we share how to help in the most effective manner and which resources will be the most useful. Recommended Resources: Time 4 Learning overviewContinue reading “Helping Kids with Math: 7 different ways {Episode 97}”

Civil Disagreements: Teaching Kids to Disagree with Kindness {Episode 94}

An election year is a perfect time to talk about disagreements, don’t you think? The internet is currently rife with opinions of all sorts, and the meetings of these differening viewpoints is usually anything but civil. We want to teach our children to grow up with the skills and emotional maturity to express themselves andContinue reading “Civil Disagreements: Teaching Kids to Disagree with Kindness {Episode 94}”

Teaching Kids Values without Condemnation {Episode 93}

Today we’re tackling a tricky, sticky topic: how to teach values to our kids without condemning others.  As parents, we often run into situations where our kids want to know why they can’t do what others are doing.  So we dive into 3 areas of this topic to give you tools to help teach yourContinue reading “Teaching Kids Values without Condemnation {Episode 93}”

What We Eat & Feed Our Kids {Episode 90}

Running a household involves lots of tasks, but none is quite as overwhelming as feeding the whole family healthy food! We get lots of questions all the time about the logistics and resources of attempting to feed our big broods the best food we can, so today we’re pulling back the curtain and sharing aboutContinue reading “What We Eat & Feed Our Kids {Episode 90}”

The Importance of Outdoor Time (and How to Get Outside in Bad Weather) {Episode 88}

We all intrinsically know that playing outside is beneficial for our kids…but do we know just HOW beneficial it is? Did you know, for example, that there are not only physical and health benefits to being outdoors but even psychological, social and spiritual benefits? In this time of “crisis schooling”, increased screen addictions and soon-to-beContinue reading “The Importance of Outdoor Time (and How to Get Outside in Bad Weather) {Episode 88}”

Staying Healthy in Winter {Episode 87}

Sickness and health are a pretty hot topic right now!  In this episode, Bonnie and Audrey share what they do to keep their kids (and themselves!) healthy during winter.  They also share what they don’t do to stay healthy (you might be surprised!)  Next, they share their experience with caring for sick kids; what theyContinue reading “Staying Healthy in Winter {Episode 87}”

Preparing to Launch: Helping Kids of All Ages Become Amazing Adults {Episode 86}

Most parents have some anxiety about the day they’ll finally have to allow their children to leave the nest and enter the real world. Most of us just want to protect our sons and daughters forever! But in reality, adulthood is inevitable and we parents have so many opportunities to teach and mold our kidsContinue reading “Preparing to Launch: Helping Kids of All Ages Become Amazing Adults {Episode 86}”

Our Favorite Books for Kids! {Episode 84}

We are HUGE fans of books – both for ourselves and for our kids! Today’s episode covers exactly why we love board, picture and chapter books for our children, a list of just a few of our favorite tomes and tips for where to find more recommendations when you run ou We hope these ideasContinue reading “Our Favorite Books for Kids! {Episode 84}”